Thursday, October 22, 2009

Take a Cut?
(out of the garage )
(see pics on last two blogs)
Okay. My original plan was to trade in the Blazer on a shorter vehicle upon which I could 1, easily place my boat and 2, drive into my garage with the boat on top. This, in turn, would allow me to lift the boat via the Harken's sling already in place. That, along with my Hullavator, would eliminate having to lift my boat for ever. So I got the Subaru and cannot even drive into the garage with the rack assembled. Alas, what to do?

Over to the house comes my long time friend Erich. He is a can do and a creative guy. He listens, looks, commiserates and says I should call so and so who could, for a reasonable price, increase the height of my garage door by 16 inches, more than enough to make my dream come true. Amazing, I think as I envision effortless comings and goings with my new (coming next week) kayak atop my new car. Life suddenly takes on a definitely cheery hue.

Now, before I run off to wonderland, I do have two residual problems. One is cash. I have just spent more money than I am used to doing in such a short time. That I can work out by continuing to work until I am 110. No problems. The second problem, however, may be a deal killer. Call her Lady Linda.

My bride of 33 years (that says something about her judgment right there) wonders if it may not look too odd having a residential garage with two different size doors. I, never at a loss for well- researched data point out that when I was a kid we had just such a garage so my Dad's truck would fit inside. She, also never at a loss to see through my lunacy, suggests I move back to my old house (hey, it's an idea. I would only be about 6 blocks from JB's house).

So there it is, and here I sit. To be continued.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

simple solution--enlarge both doors!!! Then you could use either side of the garage ;-)

steve said...

what happens if you let the air out of your tyres, how much height do you loose?

Silbs said...

Interesting thoughts, men. Actually, a friend just also suggested doing both doors (and doubling the cost).

Steve, my problem would be getting air back into the tires. It would all be more work than I have now.

This will get solved...I hope.

Anonymous said...

The continuing saga - I can't wait to see how it all turns out! BTW, I also own a Subaru, but went with the Legacy wagon - same length and width as the Forester, allows a 6-footer to sleep in the back BUT is shorter than the Forester so's I can get the boat up on the J-hooks by myself (not being 6' tall!). Good luck with your sticky problem


Rick Isaacson said...
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Rick Isaacson said...

The only car I ever owned that I could drive into the garage with my boat on top was my '97 Honda Civic hatchback. Trading in the Subaru on one of these would solve all of your problems. I traded the Honda in 6 years ago for 2500 bucks. So trading down you could retire at 100 instead of 110 and you wouldn't need to enlarge the garage!

One word of warning after a few hours in that thing I was ready to intall an electric lift for the seat because it was so low to the ground.

Silbs said...

Well, the Subaru is too new to trade...I bought it right. My new boat is due any day, and I am hoping that necessity will by the mother of invention :)