Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not All the News is Bad
Kudos to JB

This past weekend some ACA certified instructors gathered near Sheboygan, Wisconsin for an instructors update. JB was kind enough to let me tag along and hang out (I just did my update at the Inland Symposium).

As always happens when I spend time with him and other instructors, I learned (stole) some new teaching techniques. In addition, some of our on water time was in 25-30 knot winds with a building surf on a friendly beach. We paddled parallel to the shore and practiced bracing. So, that's what happened on the surface. There was more.

JB has clearly come into his own. Although he had a well planned ciriculum, he sat back and skilfully guided discussions that spontaneously broke out. These exchange of ideas (some arguements) took our thinking to a new level, and we all were the better for it. Still, JB got in all his material and even took time to video us (watch out Gordon Brown) on the water. What a wonderful and worthwhile weekend. I am proud that he is my mentor and prouder to number him among my friends. (Pics, taken on Lady Linda's camera to follow when I get the software for the camera onto my computer...res).

Doug, we miss you.

Paddle safe...

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