Monday, October 19, 2009

The Difference Between
Men and Boys
The Price of Their Toys
After 10 years, I've treated myself to a new car. This time a Subaru Forester. I only have about 300 miles on it, but I have formed some opinions about the vehicle...some good, some not so much. To begin, it rides well, has all the goodies I was willing to pay for and has excellent visibility. The moon roof, when open, essentially converts the car to a convertible.

On the down side, there are cheap plastic bumpers, one of which I have already managed to ding. Worst of all, and common to many new vehicles, is the seating-steering wheel arrangement. As is true in Lady Linda's Acura and many newer cars, it is not possible to have both arm and leg comfort. If I move the seat far enough back for my legs to feel comfy, I cannot reach the wheel without hunching forward. A short trip on the highway left my shoulders achy. If I adjust the seat so my arms are comfy, my legs are cramped, and I am afraid I could not hit the brake pedal in time. For more money, I believe there is a telescoping wheel (mine only tilts) available. I would consider getting it...or a different car. I suspect that this problem will wear thin over the miles, and I would be unlikely to accept it in another car.One nice touch is the removable, screw-in tie down point. It would have been better, in my judgment, if it had been centered, or at least not so far off to the left (perhaps they didn't want it near the tow package).

Next time: The Hullivator.

Paddle safe...

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