Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As it turns out, the Forester is actually a bit higher than my old Blazer. So, I added a Thule Hullivator to lift my boat onto the vehicle. The present model of this device is much beefed up from the original and makes easy work of getting the boat up there. So far, I have only realized a few draw backs.

The saddles are tall enough that they must be removed before putting the car into the garage.Fortunately, this only involves pulling a pin on each saddle and lifting it down. In addition, some orifice on the the thing makes a whistling sound at 30 mph or faster. I read on a chat board that this can be handled with a piece of duct tape over said opening. I could not, however, tell which opening was causing the noise. It's always something.

Paddle safe...

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