Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update(The old, and very reliable, AE-1 film camera)
Still researching cameras and know I will eventually get another waterproof one. Lots of good suggestions have come to me and, today, DaveO posted a tour de force on the needs of the outdoor photographer. What is holding me back just now is guilt over the money I have spent and am about to spend (I am talking within hours).

In a few hours I will be picking up a new car. If it runs, I will likely drive up to Madison to pick up the Hulvinator rack system to install on the new vehicle. Those two items represent a huge financial commitment. If we don't run out of food, I will consider a new camera.

Paddle safe...


Anonymous said...

You could get one of those Aquapac bags for your regular (non-waterproof) digital or otherwise SLR. A friend (David J of Paddlinginstructor) was playing with one quite extensively the other weekend and seemes pretty impressed - he's got a review on his blog.


Silbs said...

Thanks, Susan. That is one of the ideas I am considering.