Wednesday, November 22, 2006

According to Eckhart
Our daily news rag carries a strip called MUTTS, drawn by Patrick McDonnell. It is to this sacred source I turn in my need to find a way to express gratitude.
Being grateful is something I find hard to express, to myself and to others. It is a feeling that wells within and begs to be shared with friends and loved ones. As I anticipate tomorrow, I find this need stronger than ever.
Tomorrow, as I envision it, will be a gathering of 3.5 generations (that includes Lady Linda's parents, us and our contemporaries, our children and son in law and a fetus--the .5--yet to be named...but I digress). The mere thought of it fills me with a sense of having been blessed by the Universe. Now, how to express all that? Does one offer a prayer?
Enter MUTTS, a cartoon strip that is delightful while shining light on the condition of domesticated pets. For the past few days, the subject of the strip has been the same and has contained one quote from Meister Eckhart. Now, I don't know Meister personally and am not even sure who he is. I don't know if he sea kayaks, does white water or rec boats. Heck, for all I know he paddles a tandem (okay, here's where some of you over-educated types can chime in...but I digress). I do know that I sense some wisdom in the quote that has reappeared in the past few MUTTS strips. He is said to have said...
If the only prayer you say in your like is thank you, that would suffice.
So, for today, and in anticipation of tomorrow, I look inward and upward and offer, "Thank you."
Paddles safe...


JohnB said...

What a GREAT photo, and a great blog post. Have you and Derrick been drinking the same water again?

Enjoy the next few days with all the family at your side, that's one thing I really do miss--my family got spread out and never regrouped.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Silbs said...

Thanks, JB. Took the picture in Hawaii, half way up the side of a volcano.