Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's over...that's clear enough
It's over. Not just spring, but fall as well. Maybe not officially or astronomically. But, in essence, it's over. What color there is lies hidden among soon to be mulch. The sun rises when it is supposed to, but I seldom can see it through the dreary blanket of clouds. Anyway, it doesn't stay around very long, not this time of year. Everyone around me is coughing and blowing their noses. People are showering in hopes that the steam will open their sinuses. Mean while, their skin gets drier and drier and dandruff sits like snow on their shoulders.

Some of the geese have gone south, some are gathering to do so soon, while (it seems like most) are staking out their share of the parks' lawns for winter grazing. Mild winters and folks feeding them have resulted in more of them staying year around. When I walk Ansel, I always pick up his business and dispose of it while the cement pier in the park (photo above) remains coated with goose turds.

Oh well, like the old saying goes, A voice said cheer up, things could be worse. So I cheered up and, sure enough, they got worse.

Paddle safe...



Buncher said...

Sickness of the spirit is worse than sickness of the flesh.
- Tsori

Cheer up!

JohnB said...

"Goose turds" when I read that I immediately thought of cheese curds! The only similarity, other than the rhyme, is that if not handled properly one could get e.coli from both. I don't want to drag my kayak through a field of either!

On another note, today being a particularly blustery day, it would be fun to sit down at the lakefront and just watch the lake put on a powerful show. A thermos of coffee, a flask of good Irish whiskey, a nice sandwich or mug of soup, and an iPod loaded with good music--life couldn't be much better!!! Well, unless it was 80 degrees outside and the water temp was around 75 and we could actually venture out into the Lake for some high-powered tossing about. . .

But, it's not, and here I sit in a windowless cubicle in corporate America, "working".

(not too political today--yesterday just pushed my button)

Silbs said...

Oh, had I only the time. I hope the wind holds and I can get afloat (with helmet) off Bradford tomorrow.

Your buttons (and bows) are always welcome. I'll pass on the cheese curds.