Sunday, November 26, 2006

Here we go again

It seems like most of 2005 was spent planning daughter #1's wedding. Upstairs became wedding planning central and was filled with books and papers and notes. Lady Linda was constantly on the phone like a hawker selling penny stocks. All I heard were numbers: number of people, number of tables, number of rooms, number of flowers and, of course, number of dollars. Note books and other info was collected. But, alas, it was a success, and I entered into recovery (Hi, I'm Dick, and I just paid for a wedding. But I digress).

Well, they're back. I can see it starting up again. She's on the phone again with the next new mother in law to be. I again come home to find (this time) daughter #2 and Lady Linda sitting at the kitchen table going through books, brochures and heaven knows what. I see pencils and pads of papers, and I know there are numbers on them. I break into a sweat, my knees feel weak.

Somewhere out there is a bank with lots of cash on hand and a really bad security system. I must find it.

For today, however, I will rehab with JB out on the big lake somewhere north of here. Yesterday, a small group of us paddled out to the main bell buoy near south shore. The gentle seas caused it to constantly ring. I couldn't tell if I was hearing wedding bells or the sound of a cash register.

Paddle safe...



Michael said...

I know it's not help at all, but my children were clearly instructed to marry first for money. I'd give them all the love they needed if they came up short. I figured that way, I'd have some chance of paying for everything. Alas, children are just like us. They follow their passions first, and good advice only sometimes. In any event, children are our greatest blessings. You must be very proud.

Mine's said...

I am sticking my tongue out at you.