Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cycles, history, doom and gloom
I have never been nominated for optimist of the year (although I did once win a speech contest in a Jr. Optimist Club...but I already digress). Neither have I ever been nominated for the Nostridamus award for predicting the future. Now, I feel I have a shot at the second and will never get the first.

Maybe it's just about getting older or, perhaps, the changing of the seasons with all the leaves dying. Whatever, I sense a repetition of history that began when I was born...just before Pearl Harbor. For some reason that famous news clip of Neville Chaimberlain getting out of the plane and waving the paper Hitler had signed...and the headline, "Peace in our time." Right.

Well, there has never been peace since that day, not in my life time. Each generation has had its war. Hell, I went to one myself. This time around, however, it is different...and the same. This time it promises to be big time as in nuclear. And all the little leaders are waving papers on which they've written, we need to talk. Talk my ass.

In a recent documentary film, a former Nazi youth leader explained how indocrination practices now being used are similar to what he had done back in the forties. The difference, and what makes today more dangerous, is that the present would be rulers of the world act in the name of a higher power.

Crazy is crazy, and if we sit down to play chess you cannot win if I am player checkers. I will jump every man on the board and kill them. Not fair, you say? Not playing by the rules? Fine, let's talk, and while we are I will just keep jumping everything in sight.

So, this is a hell of a way to start the day, especially for a kayaker. But, I get up early most days, and my sense of what is going to be has been uncannily accurate over the years. In any event, we shall see...or our children will.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

A record has been broken, you digressed in the first sentence!

Today there seems to be no rules. The president tells his underlings what he wants to hear, they then go out and use their creative "talents" to make up a story to sell to the public for a dollar 2.98!

Then because they don't really know what their getting into they create a civil war in which there will be no winners--only losers.

Then there's an election and the president "hears" the public out cry over his policies. Is he now listening? The "winners" now have a huge mess to solve, and to do so very quickly--they are set-up to fail, there will be no winners, only losers!

I could go on, and on, and on. . .but I won't as it saddens me to see what has developed. And, when I think of all the lives that has been wasted on this mess, not to mention the money, and for what I do not know.

For someone who is such a "Texas gunslinger", why did he avoid the fight when he had the chance to get into it before? Typical school yard bully if you ask me.

We are all losing on this one.

Congratualations Silbs--you drew me out!!!!!

Now that my BP has sky rocketed, I'm going to surf the web for some kayaking sites--or get back to work! Web surfing vs punching down some telephone wiring. . .tough choice ;))

Silbs said...

Geez, JB, that's longer than your'd you find the time?