Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm #3
I used to be, or thought I was, the bravest man in the world. Hey, it only took me 35 years to muster the courage to wed. But I did, and (as many of you know) I have two wonderful daughters.
Daughter number one, my right-brained daughter, is a college educated woman with a degree in English. This does not, however, prevent her from mispelling every word in the english language and often using the wrong form of a word...but I digress.
In any event, she met and fell in love with the dude at the right. Scott, who has a masters in creative lighting and works in the field, has always wanted to be a chef, and he would be a good one. All thanksgiving weekend we have been enjoying multiple-course meals prepared in our kitchen and on our gas grill by Scott. He even cleans up the place when he is done. Earlier this year Scott displaced me as the bravest man in the world by hitching up with one of my daughters, a dangerous and trying adventure not meant for the faint of heart. I became the second bravest man in the world.
Daughter number two is my left brain child.
She has a degree in philosophy. Her intentions were to go into medical bioethics. Then, she started talking about law school, and I thought heaven help us if she starts to argue in a court room. She has a logical mind and a sense of right, and when she is sure she is on the right side of an arguement she is like a mother bear protecting her cubs. Sometimes she scares the hell out of me (me, the second, up to now, bravest man in the world...but I digress). Along comes this man, Ben.
Ben is employed by the Bosch company in Germany (although he works in their Chicago office, is an American and has no relatives in Germany...not really a digression but, rather, backround info for the reader). His degree is in something that involves gears, engines, diagnostics and lots of other things that I understand even less than I understand my daughters.
In any event, throwing caution to the wind and mindless of mental safety, he became engaged to daughter number two right after thanksgiving dinner. Maybe he was stuffed and his head flooded with endorphins, who knows. But he came with a ring in his pocket, and that's premeditation in anyone's book.
So, that's the news. From it, I can give you two soon-to-be-true pieces of data that are of interest:
1. Scott will, in spring, become a father at the exact moment I become a grandfather.
2. The moment daughter #2 marries (presuming it is after event #1), she will become Mrs. Wiess, and Ben will be for ever known (in this family) as (wait for it) Uncle Ben Wiess.
Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

"Uncle Ben Wiess". . .I know it didn't take you long to come up with that line. Poor Ben, does he know what he's in for with you as a father-in-law--the quick wit, the every-ready camera at hand to capture every moment, and the public nature of his life being exposed on silb says?

Congratualations all around!

Now about Scott, he cooks and cleans up after himself? Does he also do the shopping? We need to have a word with him about this. . .well, at least I don't want Oz reading about his actions (I cook and do the shopping, but I don't clean up, no way!) I make the mess, Oz enjoys the fruits of my labor. . .she can clean up after me! But, as you know, that's our division of labor, at least in the kitchen--I won't go into the other divisions, except to say I got Oz a nice new lawn mower for mother's day last year, a new rake and snow shovel too last fall ;))

Silbs said...

Not to worry. Scott has been exiled to Ohio.

Buncher said...

Scott does do the shopping as well and as far as cleaning up, that is, for the most part, at least when it comes to the kitchen, my department.

Carri (Scott's wife)

Mine's said...

Let's make it clear that it was Scott, my brother-in-law and Ben's bestfriend, who came up with the Uncle Ben Wiess. It is only my father that gets such a kick out of it.