Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm betting on the old lady

I'll probably get the exact name and the spelling wrong, but there is this great poem we read in high school, Ode to Ozymandius. It tells of a traveler coming across a statue of a long past king. The inscription extorts all to look around at the king's great kingdom and acquisitions. But time has passed since the statue and king were founded, and there is nothing around to see save for rubble. The message is that little of us or our stuff (with apologies to George Carlin...but I digress) survive the slow, steady and irresistable erosion of the forces of Mother Nature.I've read somewhere that if we have severe global warming, or another ice age or even a nuclear winter that the last thing likely to survive will be the cockroach. I guess the little guys must be Mom's mascots. But, then, so are plants. We've all seen trees that grow out of rocks. Even these little plants I photographed during a recent paddle in the inner harbor have overcome barriers erected by modern kings who think they can conquer the environment.Some how, I take heart from their ability to survive on very little while slowly growing and patiently waiting for what man has put in their way to rust and rot. Oh well, there is always plastic and fiberglass.

Paddle safe...


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