Sunday, November 12, 2006

To sleep perchance to dream....

Ah, to slip into sleep, into the arms of Morpheus (I think I've written this before, but I am fatigued and the very redundancy will make the point...yet I digress).

JB just e mailed (4 AM). He has been up all night as an EMT (after working his usual job) and is unsure if he will paddle this morning. His spelling belies his fatigue.

Due to a family situation, I have been up early and late the past several days in order to help folks get to places they need to be. I must say that it feels differently than back in 1966 when I interned at D.C. General and loved being awake all night. In those days I would leap from bed and rush to the wards when summoned. Each occurence was an adventure and a learning experience. I slept when I could and got along fine.

Jump ahead four decades and getting out of bed is akin to getting out of an ill-fitting kayak after a 17 hour paddle. I go to brush my teeth and stare dumbly into the mirror while calculating how many hours until I can crawl under the covers again. Something has clearly changed.

Anyway, I best not tarry here as the 35 degree air awaits Ansel and myself. Besides, I am due to be somewhere at 5 am and to meet Derrick at 9:30 to paddle the icy waters of Lake Michigan. How do I feel right now? Fatigue, it makes cowards of us all.

Paddle safe...



Buncher said...

Yes, father, you have written about Morpheus before and if I am not mistaken, you used the same exact picture! LOL! (I laugh out of love)

Silbs said...

All successful works go into syndicated reruns.

JohnB said...

The good shows I'll watch once, the bad ones I leave in mid-frame, the great ones I'll watch over and over. . .much like listening to "Take Five" by the great Dave Brubeck. Your writing, even in the moments of obvious fatigue, is great, even in syndication.

It wasn't so much my spelling as the small key board on the Blackberry (my communicator Scotty!), the confines of the driver's seat of the ambulance, and the poor lighting. Oh, and the lack of spell check on the communicator too.

I got some sleep yesterday morning, then started my day over--and had a pretty good sleep last night. Hope you did as well!

May be we can get a key to Bella's ;))