Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bird Brains
(In surprising places)
I am aware of two places on the south side of Milwaukee where birds regularly gather to sit on overhead wires. One place is on Holt just off I-43 and the other is where we launch at South Shore. That's where they gather and...well, just sit and do nothing.
Maybe it's a sense of community they get, or a sense of safety in numbers. Maybe the folks using those lines make a lot of 1-900 calls and the hot vibes warm the birds' feet.

I looked for heat sources or food sources or something else that the birds needed to exist. Nadda. They just gather with their tiny feet and tiny brains and waste their time hanging out on an electric or phone line.

I noticed this on sunday when we gathered to go through our routine of unloading boats, donning dry suits, putting paddles onto decks, checking pfds and, then, launching onto the lake to hang out together as we have a thousand times before.

Birds. Go figure.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

Don't walk under those birds, and if you do, don't look up.

Actually the ones at South Shore are watching the loonies getting ready to go paddle; and the ones on Holt are watching the loonies take that curve at too high of a rate of speed. It's entertainment for them.

derrick said...

Nice. . maybe I'll come play too this weekend. . .