Friday, November 17, 2006

Just getting it out of my system
This has been a rough week for me. It has left me fatigued and just a tad glum (not much, hence a tad...but I digress). That has been reflected in my writing and my photography. I have been unable to make progress on the book I am presently working on, and my photography has been obssessed with the end of the inhabitable seasons around here.
Fall started out with Mother Nature's sucker punch of lovely colors, a device meant to ease one out of the joys of the warm summer and into the transition toward hell frozen over.But it didn't take long for the colors to be washed and blown away and for the landscape (and sky) to begin to morph into a monochromatic scene. It was as if the world had been put into Photo Shop and someone hit the "desturate" key. Well, I shall not let it beat me. Greg and I hope to paddle the now frigid waers of Lake Michigan later today. The wind is going offshore and, unfortunately, we will miss most of the great wave action that was out there yesterday (when I had no time to paddle). Still, we will make do while the really smart paddlers with the where with all to do so head south to places like Florida and SeaKayak Georgia.
we should all
Paddle safe...

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