Monday, November 17, 2008


During intro classes, when I am going over the anatomy of the boat, I am careful to point out the differences between the deck lines and the bungee's. The bungees, I explain, are where you put the stuff you want to lose while paddling. Well, recently I was preparing to go out when I noticed that the tubing for my water pack had some internal nasties in it. Having no brush, I filled the system with a dilute bleach solution and looked for something else in which to carry my water supply.

My new, free of rotten chemicals, Nalgene bottle was available, but how to keep from losing it on a rough day. Besides, when I wear neoprene mittens it is hard to tuck stuff under the bungees. Then I remembered some doubled elastic things with wood wood balls on the ends that I had once purchased. At the time, I just knew they would one day be good for something. That day, as it turned out, had arrived.

I looped one end around the plastic strip that connects the top to the bottle, then looped it all around a bungee. It stretches enough to get a good drink, and I can just pull up on the whole affair and slide the bottle back under. Another problem solved. Now I have to work on the economy.

Paddle safe...


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Michael said...

Finally, another problem solved. When you're fixing the economy, could you bring the US/Cdn dollar back to par? I'd really appreciate it, especially for our paddling adventure in the south this year... Thanks in advance! ;-)