Wednesday, November 26, 2008

(Thanks giving 2004)
It's that time in America when millions take to the highways and airways to gather with family members they haven't seen in months, sometimes years...possibly because they don't like them...but I digress. We jam our generally obese bodies together into someone's home and make chit chat while 7 or 8 people work on preparing more dishes than Washington's army could ever consume. Wonderful smells fill the air as children slowly get on some of the less friendly folk's nerves.

Eventually, we gather around a combination of dining room, kitchen and folding tables, pressed together like sardines in the proverbial can. Then, someone mumbles something about being grateful for all they have, including their high levels of LDl cholesterol, fasting blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c. Eating of a type that would make a caveman proud ensues as some at the table set a personal goal of trying to eat something from each dish and as much turkey as possible. The air is filled with the sounds of happy chatter, smacking lips covered with grease and the elimination of flatus.(same)
Afterward, a cadre of ladies invade the hostess's kitchen to fulfill their genetic drive to clean up. The dishwasher is crammed beyond capacity and men pass out on sofas and soft chairs.

Now, I take my tongue from my cheek to say that it is, at least for me and mine, a genuinely happy occasion. I am blessed with a wonderful family. This year (later today, in fact), Lady Linda and I will head south to visit the gathering of our daughters, our sons in law and our grandson. We will meet at Tammy's mother in law's home. Vicki and David are wonderful folks and fun to be with. Their daughters will be there as well along with their grandpa.

I hope all my country men will enjoy a similar experience and will be careful out there on the highways as this is one of the most traveled days of the year for us. If you are not an American, I wish you and yours good health and plenty to comfort yourselves. Should you find yourself in this country tomorrow, announce your presence and, I am sure, someone will invite you over and give you the bird.

Paddle safe...


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steve said...

Happy thanksgiving to you , have a great family gettogether