Monday, November 10, 2008

Round Trip
I was in the twin cities for "work", and it turned out to be a delightful weekend for me. DaveO picked me up at the airport and took us over to Cecil's Deli for food and a visit. Dave, in my judgments, has the best writing skills of the bloggers I read. Talking with him is as enjoyable as reading his posts. Turns out that Dave works for a packaging company that supplies packages for medical use and that I had used his products for years. After a while, when he couldn't stand my babbling any longer, he dropped me at my hotel.

That evening Alex called to say he would be picking me up for dinner with Ron. It's always wonderful to see both these guys, and when Alex pulled up there was a lovely lady sitting next to him. I had heard there was a new gal in his life (what is this, a gossip column?...but I digress), but there was more news to follow.

Ron seemed to be his old steady self and, like most fellow paddlers, is easy to hang with and tip a few. Then it was revealed (stay with me, I am jumping around) that Te (pronounce they) and Alex are engaged. I could not have been happier for both of them. As it turns out, she is from Cambodia, so I got to practice the 6 Thai words I can still remember. Come to think of it, the waitress at the hotel was Thai, and we spoke a bit of the language at breakfast.

Moving on, I lectured on cardiology for 6 hours on Saturday, then joined some relatives for dinner. By Sunday noon I was home. Good time, good folks, nice round trip.

Paddle safe...



DaveO said...

We'll have to do more of these Milwaukee/Minneapolis cultural exchanges. I only wish I would have had the opportunity to exhibit my beer drinking skills but the northwoods called. Sorry I missed it but it looks like you guys had fun.

JohnB said...

Nothing like mixing work with pleasure, and I'm certainly glad you didn't waste time by sticking around for the Packers v. Vikings "game".

Anonymous said...

would it be out of line to tell you how much i enjoy reading your blog and the comments you leave for me? well, i do.

happy veteran's day and i hope your day is spent doing exactly what you wanna do.

Thank you.

Silbs said...

Suzette, how gracious of you...and thanks so much. You are not out of line at all. In fact, I wish the rest would get in line with you :)