Saturday, November 29, 2008

Okay, So I Lied
On Wednesday my post ended with "see you Monday." It is only Saturday, and I think this is the second post since Wednesday. What ever. I saw this in the local rag and found it interesting.
I guess I never thought much about who or what ruled Greenland. I knew some of the history about Danish traders and explorers and have learned a thing or two from Michael's blog. Still, I hadn't realized that the big island nation was under Danish "rule". So, this article came as a surprise. It also was a surprise that it made the back pages of our local rag.

I have been reading in recent years about the rebirth of efforts to teach the young people about their heritage and to offer them more opportunities to hone the skills their predecessors have given the world. To regain autonomy of rule, then, only makes sense.

(These may or may not be of Geenlandic waters. They do look more Alaskan)

As a member of QAJAQ, I would like to see the people of Greenland tout their heritage and skills to the world so that more will know, more will become interested and more will participate in a way that assures that their traditions and skills will not be forgotten.

Paddle traditionally...

Paddle safe...


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