Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'Tis The Season

It's already begun, and it started for me this morning when I opened my e mail. A friend I haven't seen since around 1960 and his wife (I was his best man) are in town for a short visit, and today is our one chance to get together (they live in Arizona). Wonderful.

Tomorrow, Lady Linda and I head for Illinois for a few days with daughters, son in laws, and our 1.5 grandchildren. We will be one night at a hotel, and I just might have time with Joseph in the pool (if it's okay with his mom). Wonderful.

On Sunday I will take Grandma (Lady Linda's Mom) to Illinois for a lunch with daughter number one and grandson number one. Wonderful. Then, suddenly, it is December and the good-feelings season is in full swing.

That's when the Christmas lights appear on homes, and the local shopping center begins to look like Disney Land. The people also light up, some from happiness over the season, and some from over doing it at the office Christmas party. Menorahs come out for the 8 days of the Festival Of Lights (Hanukkah), and presents are everywhere (maybe not so much with this years economy). What's not to like?

There will also be, I hope, gatherings of my kayak family with good food and good fellowship. And, lest we forget...

...it is time to put a buck or two in the the Salvation Army kettles each time I pass one and hear the bell. Give back is, for me, a way to show gratitude.

See you Monday.

Paddle safe...


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