Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For the 4th Time

It appears, at least to me, that Justine Curgenven has produced another hit with This Is The Sea 4. A 2-disc set this time, there is the usual jumping around to various and interesting spots around the world including a bunch of "whitewater" paddlers in sea kayaks. The second disc features well done travelogues of various expeditions of which my favorite was the Queen Charlotte Islands.

I probably related to that particular trip because of the beauty of the area and its tantalizingly closeness, just off British Colombia. Two ferry rides gets you there, and I will at least hold on to this one as a one-day dream trip.

I met Justine and Barry Shaw at this year's Grand Marais Symposium and even taught a class with Barry. I can tell you that both these folks are as genuine and friendly in the flesh as they are on DVD. Paddling seems to have that effect on us all.

You will also enjoy seeing Dubside doing his thing in moving rough water, a Norwegian father and son team that gives a whole new meaning to playing with kayaks, kayak fishing (I could have done without that particular segment), paddling the lowest sea level in the world--The Dead Sea (if you can't roll there, you can't roll anywhere) and lots more. There was even a Lake Superior segment of the Apostle Islands and Picture Rocks National Sea Shore which I assume was done just after the Grand Marais event since some of our Midwest folks are in the feature (having too much fun).

Many thanks to Derrick for gifting me with the set. He certainly did a top drawer job designing the cover. (And, BTW, welcome home from Israel, Derrick). Bottom line, This DVD set is well worth the money (you will spend) as I am sure that, like myself, you will be replaying many parts over and over.

Paddle safe...



IowaAdmin said...

We received our pre-ordered copy of the DVD a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed watching it, especially the familiar sights of the Apostle Islands and Pictured Rocks. The segment on kayak fishing might be good but I don't know -- we skipped it. I didn't realize Derrick did the package design. Nice.

Silbs said...

Good to hear from you. I, too, skipped over the fishing section. I guess it is becoming a big money maker for the folks who make those kinds of boats. It looked like the fellows in it were doing catch and release.