Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It Really Was A Wrap

Last Saturday some of us met at Rutabaga in Madison for the season's wrap up. We met outside on the new deck which provided a view of the boat yard (90% empty of boats), the pond (no one was on it) and a good working space with nutritious food (which, as you can see, we kept neat). We discussed what went well and what we'd like to try in the future. I was surprised to find that they hadn't heard about 'Baga being named the Readers' Choice Number One Paddle Store in the Midwest. Guess they don't read Sea Kayaker...or my blog.

Then, the sun went behind clouds and trees, and Nydia was the first to add layers.

I appeared comfortable but was actually frozen in place with a benign expression on my face. It finally got so cold that Kristen flew in the face of the law and shop lifted a fashionable hat to help survive the cold.Her lawyer will have a tough time getting her off since she left the price tag on the thing.

Paddle safe...


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