Friday, November 07, 2008

Testing, 1,2,3
Not a Bad Idea

November, cold Lake Michigan...and Greg goes for a near shore dip...on purpose. At first, you might consider that Greg is nuts (I'll be the judge of that), but he is actually being prudent.

How many of us know for sure that there are no pin hole leaks in our dry suits or that there is a gasket that doesn't quite hold (out) water? Now, before the waters really get cold, is a good time to wade out and see how well your suit is holding up. And, as you walk deeper, you will also discover how much air you didn't expel when you burped the collar.

Now, off to the twin cities where I will tip a few with those rugged paddlers up there.

Paddle safe...


1 comment:

derrick said...

Drysuit?? In November? It's like 85 degrees today. . .