Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Good Choice

Yesterday was going to be the last day of a run of wonderful weather. Temps in the 70'sF and southerly winds had drawn me to the big lake for the past several days. But yesterday was scheduled to be a gym day, a day to work the core and get some aerobics in. It was scheduled to be a day of exercise indoors, and being indoors didn't feel that attractive as I gathered my gym stuff.

At age 11, Ansel knows me and my ways better than I know myself. So, when he heard me gathering keys, phone and shoes, he silently came down the steps and stood in the kitchen doorway where I would need to pass to leave the house. Then he locked eyes on mine. That's all. He gave me that penetrating stare that has bonded us for over a decade.

Ansel and I arrived at the park a few minutes later and (at least) I, camera in hand, enjoyed a long relaxed walk.

The devil and the beauty were in the details, and there was plenty to keep me occupied.
As for aging, slow moving Ansel; well, he was in his element in and out of the river, dashing about and acting like a young puppy.

And it was his damn fault that I never got to the gym yesterday.

Paddle safe...



canoelover said...

Sweet. Better Ansel than the gym.

JohnB said...

And, you (both) are better for the time together. Now get to the gym today!

Silbs said...

I leave for the gym as I speak (while Lady Linda is walking Ansel).

Ron said...

An afternoon with your dog always trumps an afternoon in the gym!
Good choice.

Anonymous said...

yay for ansel! reads like you got to spend time at the gym too! your leaves are spectacular.

Mine's said...

How dare you blame your lack of going to the gym on my puppy. Man I miss him. Oh miss you too.