Thursday, December 04, 2008

0, Zero, Zilch

It's 0 degrees Fahrenheit out there. At least that's what the chill factor is, and Ansel and his bladder are raring to go (no pun intended). Me, not so much. The molecular structure 0f things (me included) don't move all that fast at such temperatures.

Now, before I get a lecture about folks circumnavigating ice bergs and camping on the snow, let me assure you that such stories will not increase my desire to go out there (I still have to snow blow the drive way). I know that it is simply a matter of wearing an adequate number of layers, however, I don't own enough layers of clothing to insulate this aging body against the deep freeze just beyond my window. Even if I did, I wouldn't be able to walk with so much weight on my body.

Yesterday saw snow and some wind, but the temps were above freezing. By now, the sciences of physics and climatology should have found a way to limit the coldness to those levels. I don't know about the globe, but around here we could use a little warming.

Even these men, famous for living in harsh conditions, know that sometimes you paddle, and sometimes to just get together for coffee. AT A COFFEE SHOP.

Paddle safe...



JohnB said...

I really like that last bit, and the photo of the chaps at the local coffee shop--think I'll go down to the local Caribou and if I want to, I'm sure they'll let me sit on the patio!

Anonymous said...

i like your prose. you seem to sun everything up so nicely! we beg for snow here in east tennessee...just for a couple of inches for a good snowman! send some our way and we will send some warm gulf air your way!

Silbs said...

Deal! Send a truck load of warm air and we'll send it back with snow.