Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And Not Just Sex
I came across this old photo of me at the helm of my Hans Christian 42, and it reminded me that lots of us (especially me...and guys in general...but I digress) are stimulated more visually than by any of the other senses (who ever was attracted to the smell of a kayak...but I digress again). I speak here, obviously, about nautical matters. Indeed, one of the greatest joys of sailing, aside from the motion, is the visual buffet of curves provided by the sails and the hull. It all makes for a good ride (we are still being nautical here) as the boat rises and led by it six-foot bow pulpit, plunges back down into the waters only to heave up again and repeat the motion over and over and over.
When it was time to walk away form sailing (physical problems), what I saw was a big part of what attracted me to wanting to get into a kayak. The hulls, a bit displacement in nature, mimicked those of the sail boats I'd been on. the shear, pointed bow and sleek dimensions all promised a pleasant and wet experience. There were boats of gaudy colors and some of virgin white.

Things of beauty, that's what these crafts are, and they perform as they look. I'm going to stop now...I need a cigarette.

Paddle safe...


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Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Superb analogy Silbs, a kayak is just everything and "everything" everything else isn't. Kind-a cold under da covers though....I think.lol ;-)