Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The All Seeing, All Knowing...
(In my dreams!)

It's time for new year's resolutions (which we all do for ourselves) and predictions for the upcoming new year. This is when I go into a trance and channel what the future holds. I predict the following will occur in 2009.

1. The ACA will return my phone call (message left 10 days ago)

2. I will lose that annoying belly fat I've been working on.
3. NDK boats will have a 100% quality control year with no failures.

4. Vicki and Leslie (local gals) will paddle during the winter and in 10-foot waves.

5. Derrick will have 1 blog with no spelling errors.
6. Steve will leave his practice and go into producing kayak videos (Kibbitz, inc.).

7. J B will be indicted by the Dept. of Commerce for destroying the economy by hogging all the jobs.

8. Gary, our local guru and racer will be told by his lovely wife, Sharon, "Enough boats already."

9. Wendy Killoran will start up a new blog.
10. DaveO will swear off beer and move into a 1 bedroom condominium.
11. Ron will start spending winters in Florida.
12. Michael will move to Greenland, be granted Inuit citizenship and teach history.
13. Stan will, for the first time, actually post a blog with a bad picture.
14. Canoe lover will sell Rutabaga, give away all his worldly possessions and wander the globe teaching philosophy, cooking and snow shoe repair.
15. Nancy will give all the kayak instructors at Rutabaga an unbelievably huge raise.

16. Alex will swear off kayaks and become a stay at home husband.
17. Suzette will post beautiful pictures...every day.
18. All recreational paddlers will dress for conditions and stay offf the big waters.
19. Local paddlers, Doug and Greg, will form a stand up comedy team and go on the road.
20. Every last paddler in the world will...

Paddle safe...


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Silbs as usual, always a pleasure to read your blog to start my day, I can only hope that you and all the bloggers I visit daily continue to provide the insight and imagery that has come to make all days enjoyable. I love the visible spectrum you just make it simply much more enjoyable. Hope to see more in the New Year. Happy New Year!!


Michael said...

G'morning Dick and Stan and all the rest of you readers! Let's hope your 20 wishes come true... well except the one about me moving to Greenland! Nice place, but I like it here. You see we have Nunavut and Newfoundland, half the Great Lakes, the West coast, flights to Europe and... well, you get it. Lot's of great paddling places and friends to visit and swing paddles with! Happy New Year all of you! May we meet on the water.

steve said...

I`d love nothing more than to quit my day job and get into kayak videos full time, heres hoping your predictions come true. You left out the one about Silbs coming to lecture and paddle in Israel in the winter

Anonymous said...

thank you. i am surprised daily when i visit your site. you inspire me.