Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There's Frost on the Pumpkin...
And every other damn thing
The thrill is gone. Winter, as far as I am concerned, has worn out its welcome before it officially began. Heavy wet snow, shoveling and low temps do not, for me, make a joyous environment. Most of the leaves are gone, they've dropped the water level in the river and what's left is turning to hard stuff.
A head cold has delayed an elective procedure I was going to have to day (on for Saturday if the planet does freeze to a stop), and Lady Linda has just informed me that she, too, is ill (apparently her illness trumps my cold) and that I shall have the duty of walking Sir Ansel who, singularly among us, seems to enjoy all this climatic chaos.

I'd like to leave a wake up call for May, please.

Paddle safe...



Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

sung to the tune of "some where over the rainbow"

Somewhere over the snow pile, my agony grows, shovels and shovels down my neck the wind blows"

Mine's said...

AHHHH I love that picture of Ansel. Can I please have a copy. Oh the blog is good too.