Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy
Some how I find myself running around doing busy work although the city was shut down by snow for a half day. I realize that a lot of this "running around" is going on in my head, even when I was out there snow blowing. This recovering from minor surgery and having mild but constant discomfort has dulled my sense of time. Enough.

Tomorrow I hope to attend a sweat lodge then go to the pool in the evening and watch. I am not yet cleared to submerse my incision. Perhaps there will be photographic opportunities. I do feel badly that I have not been producing new images for this site and have been rehashing old stuff. Time to get back into the game.

Good news: I have two teaching positions for the upcoming semester. One at my Alma Mater, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee where I will teach a course in the College of Health Sciences (Pathophysioloical Fundamentals) and another at a small local college (Anatomy and Physiology). That, along with lectures scheduled in Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco and New York should keep me occupied. Besides, there will be Canoecopia in a few months, and then spring is just over the horizon along with the two symposiums I hope to staff.

The weather is expected to be brutal over the next several days, and I have to be careful to keep myself occupied with good projects indoors. Hope all you are well and gearing up for a great holiday.

Paddle safe...


steve said...

Hey Silbs, why dont you get yourself invited to give a lecture in Israel, then you could combine a winter escape, education and paddling in one foul swoop.Take care and make a good recovery.

Silbs said...

Steve, if there is something Israel doesn't need it is another doctor. You have the best right there. I don't have much to tell them. I am a week post proceedure and feeling good. I expect to feel lots better tomorrow when the clips come off. Thanks.