Thursday, December 11, 2008

What The Poet Said

I don't know who it was, but someone once penned the words that went something like this: "I wish I could know once more the seriousness I knew as a child at play." Does that resonate?

One often hears the word play in our sport. We play in the surf and we (some of us) paddle play boats. The word evokes thoughts of fun, letting go, letting it hang out, not worrying about what "they" think, letting the muse take you where it will, and so on. I believe that play is, at least in part, what drew most of us into kayaks. Sure, there was something unique and challenging about those little, tipsy, pointy-ended little boats, but once on the water we were like big kids out to play.

Once addicted, however, we became serious about the game. We learned rescues and rolls and braces, oh my. For some that was not enough. Some had to build boats, get into traditional paddling and on and on and on. The real crazies started blogging.

I believe that it is worth while to occasionally think back to when it was all just fun, pure play, with no challenges to the ego. Those, after all, were serious times. Those were the days when we became hooked on this game, and to feel that again has got to be a hoot.

I also believe that is why I like to paddle alone so much. I go at a pace too slow for most and aim the boat where ever it chooses to go. I stop to photograph and to just look, and I often just drift and feel the power of the water undulating beneath the boat. I don't try to accomplish anything, well almost anything. I cannot tell you how much I would like to know, once more, the seriousness of a child at play.

Paddle safe...


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