Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As The Year...Part II
(Yes, Capt,. there is a coffee mug...see comment on yesterday's post)
This past paddling season allowed for lots of paddling, teaching and the like.

Canoecopia was another big success, and

Sam gave a great presentation. Unfortunately,

(DaveO...Lake is Boss; Derrick the Quixotic; What's his name; Olson, paddle the twin cities)

security was lax, and shiftless bloggers wandered in.

Joe learned to walk and took his parents to Disney.

Gryphon (a Mayoleth issue) worked out at Grand Marais.

Gary Simon took delivery of his 437th boat, a Nemo.

Doug continued to run his still (yet to be found by the Feds), and

JB continued to paddle, teach kayaking, teach wilderness first aid, do his regular job, do his EMT-ambulance gig and

Nydia refused to paddle on Lake Michigan, and, yes, Capt.,

we drank lots of coffee.

Paddle safe...



Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Great year in review. All looks like good times to me. Kayaking, family and friends.....what years are made of!


Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

whew... let me warm that up for ya...

derrick said...

oh man! I've never seen that shot of Gryphon. He was really working and not getting too far.

DaveO said...

Just when I managed to put Canoecopia at the back of my mind for awhile.....there we are!