Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just For Steve
Steve's comment on yesterday's post reminded me that there are folks a lot closer to the equator who can pretty much kayak every day of the year. Heat and lightening may be their only detractors. Here, higher on the globe, we have a phenomena called winter which, as it turns out, is a climate most like that experienced by the Inuit who gifted us with this sport. So, for that reason, plus the fact I am still in pain, bored and lazy from the minor surgery, I thought I would just comb the files for old snow-kayak images and share them (before we get an expected 10 inches of snow tonight).
First, Steve, you have to get your boat on the car. You do realize that all this snow has to be shoveled, plowed or blown off the drive ways and streets or no one goes any where? Perhaps we could ship it to you and help solve Israel's fresh water problems.
Next, you must dress in unique fashions.
Once on the water you will encounter ice flows, some with sharp edges. These may float about in the wind and close off your landing (launching) site when you return. So you land as best you can.

Finally, refreshed and cheered by a day on the water, one drags themselves home to drink heavily until the short cold days of winter give way to another spring season. Still like the snow, Steve?

Paddle Safe...



Michael said...

Makes you wonder, what's not to love? LOL

steve said...

From here it looks like a lot of fun, gee you guys are lucky. Tomorrow we go for our annual round the Sea of Gallilee 2 day trip[ while ther is still a bit of water there]