Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Canoecopia, as most of you know, is a product of Rutabaga, a paddle shop in Madison, Wisconsin. Within its structure there is the Rutabaga Outdoor Program, or ROP, section which is headed by Nancy, seen above watching one of her crew do a presentation. We call her boss.

A unique mixture of fun, sternness and nuclear energy, she manages to get a fantastic group of folks of all shapes and sizes to make the big show work. Some how, she gets this complex, multifaceted circus to work year after year. Now that it is over, she will begin organizing all sorts of paddling classes and activities for the summer.

If you had watched her at the big show, you would have seen her direct us much like an air flight control manager on an air craft deck manages to get a bunch of jet fighters (low on fuel) safely onto the deck. You would have also seen how readily all of us were willing to follow her and pitch in to get the job done. We affectionately call her Boss. (Nice foot wear, Boss)

Paddle safe...


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JohnB said...

Boss actually started organizing the 2009 classes and programs last October, she now begins the task of getting the final details nailed down--I can't believe what all I agreed to do, willingly and happily I might add!

BTW--notice that I left my bright yellow Crocs at home, maybe that's why my feet were killing me!