Saturday, March 07, 2009

I've Been Here Before
Seemingly endless days, repetative days in a chair working on exams and lectures, little to no exercise, little human contact out side of the home, dreary weather and feeling in a funk. I've been here before. Lot's of times, in fact. Now, however, I understand why.

Once, while going through this, I underwent extensive testing and was found to be neither left, nor right brain dominated. In fact, I was off the scale on both sides. Meaning? I need a balance of intellectual, logical thinking and creative, spontaneous thinking to keep my brain cells happy (a condition, I suspect, that knowingly or not you may have). With little to no kayaking for some time now, little time for photography, etc., I've been living a left brain existence for most of the winter.What I need, and soon, is to get out with the other children and play. It won't be in the next few days, too much to do here in the chair. But, this weekend, it is off to Canoecopia where a lot of old friends will be, where the Midwest kayak bloggers will hang out and where the talk will be about kayaking. I've been there before, as well.

Paddle safe...


Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...
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Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...


Forget us not!

Single Blade Enthusiasts

(first post I spelled too many words incorrectly)

JohnB said...

Sounds like daylight "savings" time caught up with Capt.

Feel the positive energy of the rapidly approaching Canocopia, and don't forget the opening of the Welsh Whisky. Much to look forward to!!!

Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

hope you yakers "arrr" ok with a couple single minded i mean single bladed paddlers catching up with you... did someone say whiskey?


Silbs said...

Counting down the days until I see you guys.