Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Kids of 'Copia
Where ever there is a crowd (and there is always one at Canoecopia) I love to look for images worth recording. Among those things I see, it is the kids that always draw my attention, especially when they are there with dad and/or mom.
So many of our problems, especially those in schools, seem to start with the families. I see kids in our city who have never seen Lake Michigan let alone a kayak. I see parents all around who are too busy to "play" with their kids. Instead they foist them off to the computer game or T.V. or, worse, the streets.
So, it brings me joy when I see a family doing things together. It brings me joy to see loving parents parenting their children and modeling good behavior.
It reminds of all those Boy Scout camp outs and how my dad was always there with me. These kids are going to have some fine memories and some fine roll models as they grow into the future.

Paddle safe...


bonnie said...

Roll models? Pun entirely intentional, I am betting!

I was thinking sort of similar thoughts when I took a picture of a mom & dad & 2 kids watching a really good boat-handling presentation at the LI Paddlesport Symposium (sorry, can't point to the actual picture, Picasa partially blocked at work...)

Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

it's all about our kids... it's the future.

bonnie said...

Here's the picture!

Silbs said...

We agree, and thanks for directing me to the picture, Bonnie.