Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Das Machine
This isn't a new concept to us in Milwaukee. Our local racing guru, Gary Simon, long ago had a Concept II rowing machine adapted to a kayak paddling machine and has used it ever since. Someone out there must think there is a decent market for this sort of thing and that paddlers are willing to pay the price of a kayak to paddle on dry land.
This particular model also appeals to the currently-in-vogue madness towards video games and includes a TV showing you and the competition racing down a water way. The fan is adjustable to vary resistance and it does feel pretty much like paddling an actual kayak.
This won't belong in your garage however, and you will need an area that allows for swinging the potentially lethal shaft from side to side.

Paddle safe...

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JohnB said...

I couldn't resist taking this device out for a "paddle". If I had the funds, I'd seriously consider getting one. For the brief time I paddled, I thought it quite nice and that I could get a fairly sport specific year-round, non-weather dependent, workout.