Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going For The Distance...
Or, Not So Much
So Doug and I sat around musing about doing some camping this summer. As I will be teaching on Wednesdays, these would have to be long weekend affairs at the most. My first idea was to set up camp somewhere on the Door County Peninsula, maybe do some short paddles, maybe do an out and back day trip and take lunch along and even spend some days hanging around the campsite while reading and napping a lot. If one of us wanted to paddle and one didn't, fine. A solo paddle is good as well.

Doug, on the other hand, has ideas to set up camp as described and, for a few of the days, trip to one of the islands and set up camp there for a few days. My first thought was, why the hell would I do that?

I was once a marathon runner and loved nothing more than going anywhere for 4-8 miles as a break in my day. That was then. Now, I read of all the circumnavigations to, literally, no where, and I find no interest in doing anything along those lines. I love to paddle, and I love to be on the water. I don't like endless hours, even days, of keeping the island to my right.

I am not attracted to longish paddles unless I am alone and can control the pace or I am with folks who are not out to race. I am also not into racing or living out of my kayak. Let me set up my tent, lay in a little food and water, make sure there is coffee, and let the rest just happen.

There was a time when some of those things would be tempting; but time, loss of flexibility and injuries have changed me. Having been at both ends of this spectrum, I understand others doing it differently than I would. Each to his own. After all, if we are not each thoroughly enjoying the experience, why bother doing it.

Paddle safe...


Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Sounds like you need a raft not a kayak! tee hee... Come on that was funny!!

By the way you still move that kayak pretty well in all conditions!!

D Winter said...
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D Winter said...

One week, one day or one hour... I just want to get out of Milwaukee and hit the water!

DaveO said...

What you need is a nice 3 mile paddle out to an Apostle Island. Strap that comfy lawn chair (like the one I'm using as I 'rest my eyes' on my blog masthead) on the back deck, pave the bottom of one hatch with cans of imported beer, and solitude will envelop you.