Monday, June 14, 2010

Amazing Greg
and his bullet express
I've written about him before and about his wonderful skills around both paddling and constructing wooden strip kayaks from plans. Well, he has gone to the dark side and gotten himself interested in doing speed. Always a fast paddler, he has taken wing paddle in hand and built himself a fiberglass over strip racing craft.

Light as a feather and looking as unstable as unicycle, Greg launched his boat yesterday and, which is more, paddled it as if he'd been using it for years. He looked stable and confident as he took his latest creation on its maiden voyage.

Another and impressive well done project.

Paddle safe...


paddlingOTAKU said...

I paddled a similar racing boat at the East Coast Kayak festival. One of the more difficult things I have done. Not a lot of stability, and hard to turn, but wicked fast!


Russ said...

Having watched his home-built fleet grow and grow, his skill as a craftsman is something to behold.