Friday, June 11, 2010

Two Girls
One May be Alive

Most of you know, via the world press, that the girl trying to become the youngest to sail around the world non-stop has activated her emergency beeper. She was out of contact for a while, but this morning there are reports that her mast is broken. I assume she is alive and will be rescued. The news locally is not as good.

It's been almost two days since a 9 year old girl took a kayak out onto Lake Michigan without a pfd. It is unclear if she had permission or just went out. No matter, she fell in and has not yet been found. There was an offshore wind at the time, although the wind had shifted out of the East yesterday. Even if she had managed to hold onto the craft, hypothermia certainly will have been fatal by now.

My heart goes out to the family while, at the same time, I feel a little angry that this was allowed to happen. We continue to wait for word and closure

Paddle safe...

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