Thursday, June 03, 2010

Time Has Found Me Out
It says the picture was done in 2008, just two years ago, and Ansel was still a vital bounding pal with whom I often walked the river banks and fields of local parks. Not so much anymore. Arthritis has weakened his hips and it is painful to me (and, I suspect him) to watch this loyal family member slowly climb steps. Time has found him out.
Just home from several days in Maryland/Washington D.C. and living in a hotel, I have had a chance to step back and see how time has molded me as well. Another 2008 picture above shows three of our "posse" returning from a paddle on Lake Michigan. Just a few years old, this picture, and already one of us is gone. Just a few days away and on dry land, and I realize how important this kayaking has become to my way of life. As the time in D.C. passed, I became more and more aware of my need to be back in a boat and out on the water.
2008, again, when Greg and I were playing in the surf at Bradford Beach; and I need to go out there again...soon. Whether it is paddling lazily, bashing waves or teaching a class, I seem to find my peace and center in a kayak. There, with paddle in hand, I have a sense of oneness with the water and control of my life that I never knew during decades of sailing. And I remember the words of the poet (sic)...."I must go down to the sea again...".

Paddle safe...



avital said...

It is very painfull to see a 4 legs family member lose vitality and functions.
" is the ansewr.."- you feel him, he feels you, the only geart thing you can do!

DaveO said...

Nice post. I would have to concur wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

your words always inspire me. and just so you know, you inspired us to get two kayaks...and now we learn the ways of the water. :)

Silbs said...

Wow, I am grateful for your kind words and happy for your new adventure. Post some pics on THE BEAUTY OF LIFE.