Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Be it ever so humble...

The last night in Bellagio on Lake Como was beautiful.

As was the sunrise the next morning.

We had lovely views as we drove down the winding and very narrow roads toward Milan.

Another time I will tell you of the hectic day trying to find the hotel outside of Milan or, rather, near the airport miles away from Milan. And I will tell you, perhaps, of the frustrating attempt to return the car to the small rental agency hidden in a large airport. And there is the 99 mile dash through the Danish airport to make our connection.

For now, however, I would rather savour the memories of good pasta and wine,

well prepared vegetables,

and wonderful dolcis.

We arrived late last night, and I got to bed around midnight. Jet lag aside, I popped awake at 5 am. It is now just after 7am. I am back in my home, however humble. My palace. Yes, the Vatican was nice and had a chapel with fine art over head. I, however, was greeted by my own chapel with its own unique ceiling:

Just as the years have eroded the steps of the coleseum, it seems a drip has done as much for our home. Oh well, back to reality or, as the old joke says (I will tell it to you some time, but I digress): Back on your head, coffee break is over.

Paddle safe...



derrick said...

welcome home! Beautiful photos!!

Silbs said...

Hey, thanks. High praise coming from the man.

JohnB said...

I like the art overhead in your palace!

Welcome back. Looking forward to lunch today.

Buncher said...

LOL! I knew about the whole in the ceiling, but didn't know it was that big! Oye! Will that be fixed in time for the family to come over for Rosh Hashanah? If not, I suggested to mom that she have you print a large picture (maybe of you in a kayak, since it's easily obtainable) to tack over the hole.