Friday, September 01, 2006

Final Thoughts on QAJAQ camp

Thinking back on last weekend, it was the whole Gestaltd that I liked. Away from contact with the contemporary world and its variety of characters, this was a place for traditional paddling and a whole new cast of our very own charactures. And every sight told that story.

(Turner in his signature brown tuilik and white beard.)

Everywhere I looked there were skin on frame boats and folks in tuiliks. And not a euro paddle in sight.

And, everywhere, people talking doing and...mostly...teaching one another. It was hard at times to say who was the student and who was the teacher. In the end, we all took a turn at being both.

And there was the endless play among friends. Some of these people see one another frequently and are not bashful about tipping a friend over or jumping on their fore deck for a conversation.

I need to store these images up on my computer and in my memory for the winter months ahead when Lake Michigan begins freezing and the pool at the Y becomes a poor second choice for rolling.

Paddle safe..


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