Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hello, Universe?

The Universe seems to be trying to send me a message inasmuch as this is day 2 of the free (and worth it) blogspot photo uploader not working. I depend on my visuals to stimulate my thinking and to open the spigot of my right brain. Since I believe there are no accidents, I am pondering why I am being so tortured (that's called the Victime speaking...but I kind of digress).

My hero-blogger and webb expert, Derrick, advises me that I simply need to use such and such site to store my photos and then use the URL to down load them here. And, while we're at it, let me tell you how to do an angioplasty on your kitchen table. I'm retired. I'm not supposed to have to think. The world owes me a living (and, as my mother used to tell me, "All you have to do is go our and collect it."). Alas, I am too lazy to even make the collections.

Maybe it was the rainy day or realizing that it is now dark when I awaken and winter is nigh. What ever the cause, I am moodier and less tolerant of frustration. And...I lack creativity and motivation just now.

Since this is my problem, and one with which I have no reason or right to burden you, I need to step away for a bit. It is probably best to take a sabbatical until I have something other than a self-oriented thought to share on these pages. After all, if I depress all of you, who will rescue me (that's the Victim again...alas...poor me)?

In reality, I am happy at my core and thinking clearly. The fact is that, in spite of that, my wits are dulled and my creativity shut down. Temporarily, I hope.

So, I will sit back and wait for good things to happen while I try to figure out what the Universe is trying to tell me to do and why my storm roll stopped working. If, in the interim, the photo loader thingy works, I will share an image or two, just to stay in touch.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

I would say "cheer up, thinks could be worse." But we both know the other part of that saying. . .so I'll just say hang-in there!

Hey, can you show me how to do that angioplasty but on a sleeping pad out on the shore-line somewhere, rather than the kitchen table)---that would impress the hell out of my Wilderness EMT instructors, only have a 10 days to learn it though. What do I need, three people to work on? See one, do one, teach one. . .right?

derrick said...

hmm, I can't say I know much about surgery, but if you could give me a sketch on a napkin I'd give it a go!

If you ever get over for one of those pool sessions I'll show you how to use the photo thingy! :)

Silbs said...

Thanks, guys. I When do the pool sessions begin?