Saturday, September 30, 2006

Meeting of the 3 Rivers

Milwaukee, as I understand it, is a Native American word meaning the place where three rivers meet. Indeed, 3 of them do meet to form the inner harbor which flows into Lake Michigan. One of them, the Milwaukee River, has appeared on this site before as I often paddle 3 of its sections.Today, however, is about a few shots I took while walking Ansel, our German Shepard.

One of Milwaukee's best points is its park system which is extensive. Everywhere in the county you can find parks and parkways along one of the rivers. I live in an urban area within a walk of one of these areas. Eastabrook Park is a 5 minute drive...if I hit all the red lights. When I walked Ansel there a few days ago it was obvous that the park was getting ready for fall.

Here, within a 1/4 mile walk one can see a fisherman working below one of the falls:

A heron doing his own fishing:

And the two coexisting:

Like the big lake, the waters here can be calm or, 6 feet tothe left of the picture above, boiling:

It's nice to have some eye candy so close at hand.

Paddle safe...


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