Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not letting the b*st*rds win

October, it's here, and with it the beginning of the dark times. But sitting on the couch and getting stiff and fat is not acceptable. Hell, at my age it is down right dangerous. So, call Greg, load the boat on the Blazer and meet him down at Bradford Beach to play in whatever surf we could find.

A couple hours of cool water (it's in the 50's now) in the face and enough bracing to remind me I once had rotator cuff problems on the right, and life is good again. Sure, it rained on us, and most of the time it was gray and dreary. By time we finished, however, it had turned into a crisp autumn day. Maybe next time the leaves will have begun their autmn show.

It is the next morning, and I am stiff. No matter, got to meet JB back on the big lake where he is doing an ICE (Instructor Certification Exam) for someone. As an ACA instructor, I qualify as the victim. Anyway, I'm not fatter today and, maybe, I'm smarter. I left the boat on the Blazer over night.

Paddle Safe...


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