Thursday, October 26, 2006

What will they think of next?
It was over 100 years ago [I think...(therefor I am)] that someone suggested closing the patent office since everything possible had been invented. Then came all the modern marvels like TV remotes, fast foods and roto molded boats. Is it possible that now, in 2006, everything has been invented? Fear not.

Finding myself in Rutabaga with my weekly allowance burning a hole in my pocket, I found this wonderful little bag by CHUM. When I saw it had a handy clip, I knew I had to have it...even though I had no idea what it was for (the bag itself is 1.5 inches long). So I examined this 21st century item contains a chamois for wiping lenses or what ever. And the chamois is permanently (as permanently as anything on the water) attached to the bag.

So, the patent ofice stays open. After all, who knows what they will come up with next. Maybe even a user-friendly and reliable photo uploader for bloggers. Nay, I'll probably have to settle for a cure for cancer.

Paddle safe...



JohnB said...

So that's what that's for. . .I've been using mine to wipe my nose drips. It's soft against the skin, dries without streaking the moustache, and I think it will wash up ok.

Now I need to buy another one--different color I hope so as not to confuse the nose one with the lens one--and a digital camera for on water use!

Silbs said...

You can take the boy out of the country, but... :)