Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sometimes I just sits...

There used to be a poster in the cardiac stress lab that was about 4 feet tall and had on it a picture of a yellow 3-legged stool. It read: Sometimes I sits and think. Other times I just sits.
It was like pop art Zen inasmuch as it contained a deeper message under its apparent one.

I spent so much of my life getting things done, solving problems and seeking answers that I almost forgot the reason for it all, the why. My teachers have told me that it is the ego that is always trying to run the show and that it believes it knows what needs to be done. From them I have learned that it is the big I (not the personna I that you see) that truly knows the answers and knows what I need. Instead of sitting and thinking...a futile exercise in which the ego runs about willy nilly in its attempt to maintain control...they taught that one needs to just sit and get quite so that the answer within (up to now out-shouted by the noisy ego) can be heard. These answers that whisper to us are our callings and reflect our true self.

Every day I check the weather "forecast" for the next day and make plans about kayaking tomorrow (Man plans while The Big Guy laughs...but I digress). Well, today the forecast is for an offshore wind (okay, so maybe no waves) with gusts to 45 m.p.h..

Hmmm, let me think. It is 85 miles across Lake Michigan to the next shore if I get over powered by the wind and cannot get back into shore. I carry a VHF marine radio, but radios can fail and etc. etc. Maybe that inner voice is whispering, today is a day to sits. Still, I have to at least drive down to the shore and have a look for myself.

Paddle safe...

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