Thursday, October 05, 2006

Making the most of a foggy day

When I was doing a lot of large format black and white work, I lived for foggy days. Fog, nothing more than a cloud that sits on or practiclaly on the ground, has the ability to add mystery to the most ordinary scene as it produces its vast gradients of grays. It is also a challenge to photograph as it fools the exposure meeter (leading to under exposures to the unaware) and exists in conditions that can fog one's glasses and lenses.

Combine all this with what I've said about our local park system and you know why, when I looked out and saw fog the other day, Ansel and I headed for Doctors Park (a 5 minute drive to the shores of Lake Michigan...but I digress).

I am uncomfortable aiming my camera at strangers (I would like to do photo journalism... I digress again), and the fog lends an spy-like perspective that allows me to do so...and no need for a model release.

I could have paddled and practiced navigation that day, but I would have only seen a wall of fog. Besides, I was too lazy to load the boat. So, Ansel and I just enjoyed the muffled sounds of the surf (he took a dip) and let the fog's magic transform ordinary scenes into eye candy.

Next time I'll go out on the lake and will be sure to

Paddle safe


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JohnB said...

Now you and Ansel have even more in common. . .you both dip in the lake. Does he smell like wet neoprene too?