Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An old friend comes out of the closet
Reflection on a life-long love affair

I was just becoming a teenager when we met, and it was love at first sight. Even now I cannot say what the immediate attraction was, but we became instant soul mates. I can still remember taking her home and into my room where we spent most of our time together. We were both much younger then, and we both looked younger.

The two of us spent hours together and went to many events together. Alone in my room, we exercised together, and it never seemed routine. She always fit into my hands nicely, even as I grew to be an adult. When I would hold her to my lips we would make beautiful music. It was as if I were breathing life into her while she, in return, responded to every move of my fingers with sounds that delighted the ear. It was joy. It was sheer passion.

There came a time, however, when I allowed matters of the world to come between us. I began to neglect her and, finally, stopped seeing her all together. But she was never far away and never far from my mind. Then came yesterday.

I and my family recieved some joyous news, news that brought each of us to uncontrollable sobbing. It was as if heavan had opened and decided to bless us with a gift of life. And, in my blubbering joy, I felt the need to reach out to something special, something with which I could give voice to my happiness.

I ran to her, and there she was as if she'd been waiting for just this moment. I just picked her up, took a deep breath and pressed my lips to her. She immediately came to life as if we'd never been apart for more than a minute. And, like a million times before, we made beautiful music together. And right there and then, I promised myself to never ignore her as I had been doing. After all, a trumpet like that deserves to be played and played often.

Paddle safe...



derrick said...

. . . and played in the garage!

Nice post. ;)

JohnB said...


When's the concert? Derrick on guitar, Dick on Trumpet, and me on the bar stool!

Anonymous said...

Derrick plays guitar? Interesting...