Monday, October 23, 2006

Kiss my pixels

It's 2:30 pm CDT, and I just returned from a paddle on Lake Michigan. I had a blog in the works earlier, but I decided screwing around with the photo upload was wasting valuable minutes of my life. I have a photo bucket account now, but have not down loaded their soft ware...and don't know if I will.

Life is short, and one must pick and choose one's fight's. Take this blog, for instance. It is a fight with the site and a fight with uploading the pics. Why do it? Mainly, because I like writing, and I like photography, and I like kayaking, and I like yapping about my philosophy of life. I write for my own pleasure and hope someone else will enjoy it or maybe get a new thought out of it all or send me a comment that will give me a new way of thinking.

I also like solving problems but there, too, pick and choose the problems I want to work on. Computer problems are never my first choice and, when they become a pain in the ass, I have to wonder if it is worth it. I have Microsoft Word and can do my writing there. I have tons of photos stored and can view them at will. I don't need to publish anything (I have actually in the past) to enjoy life. My ego is quite happy with its place in the Universe.

So, I paddled instead of diddling with this blog site's photo gizmo. I will decide later if I want to diddle with the bucket or chuck it.

Paddle safe...



JohnB said...

Who's Chuck It? Was he at our meeting yesterday?

I like your blogs and find them as much of my day as the morning coffee with the Journal Sentinel, only your blogs are a lot more entertaining and interesting.

Thanks for hanging in there!!!

Silbs said...

I appreciate that, JB.