Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Circumnavigation
So, after loading my Romany and SOF and driving up to Door County; and, after JB carried his Romany around on his van for a week while he did his wilderness medicine thing and then drove to the Door; it was time for adventure...and we decided to circumnavigate the pennisula. Only problem was that we were both tired, and the weather sucked. Fear not. With his boat symbolically mounted atop the car (so there would be no doubt that here were two macho adventurers...but I digress), we did our van...with heat...and heated seats. We visited essentially every launch site in the county, many of which were high and dry and some stinking of rotting algae (above). We found coffee and cherry pie (see previous blog).There were fall colors everywhere. Cave Point state and county parks were interesting, although not as dramatic a place as I had hoped. In fact, I was glad we hadn't made the paddle from Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park in order to see these eroded cliffs, but they were worth the drive.

Conclusion: The Door is a place worth visiting, in any season, and worth revisiting.

Paddle safe...


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